Company Overview

I-Bankers Securities was launched in 1996 with a clear vision to address an opportunity in international small cap equity markets. We saw a lack of international reach for US small cap issues even though strong small cap demand crosses oceans and borders. We were confident that we could add value by bringing these issues to institutional investors on multiple continents.

Our institutional clients are long-term, repeat customers.
Let us show you why.

Our focus on:

  • Investment banking
  • International presence
  • IPO origination
  • Institutional distribution
  • Innovation
  • Integrity and insight

…and the opening of our first European base, in Italy, led us to the natural choice for our name: I-Bankers Securities.

Today with additional offices in Texas, California, and Connecticut, we continue to follow our strategy of using our international presence to add value to small cap offerings.

What We Do
As a boutique investment banking firm, we help small cap issuers access capital markets while we enable institutional investors to gain access to choice small cap investments.

We are most effective with offerings in the $10mm to $200mm range:

  • Secondary & follow-on offerings
  • PIPE offerings
  • Private equity offerings
  • M&A advisory

Our Track Record

  • More than $7 billion in lead managed and co-managed underwritings